Brotherhood Foundation of the Reserve Officers´ Association was established 13.02.2012 by the The Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association (EROA). Funds purpose is is to help and support the members of the Estonian Defense Forces, Defense League, reservists, ex-servicemen, and their families in difficulties.

During the operation of the Fund, financial support has been paid out four times and legal aid provided once.

Main economic activity of the Fund is the Estonian Defense Forces officer ceremonial swords project. Acquiring the Army Officer Sword, Navy Officer Sword, Non-Commissioned Officer Sword or Air Force Officer Dagger through the Fund you also supports the implementation of the objectives of the fund.

The fund issues the following types of lump sums and aid:
1. death benefit;
2. legal aid benefit;
3. medical expenses benefit;
4. housing benefit;
5. subsistence benefit.

Fund management

The governing bodies of the fund are the management board and the supervisory board.
Supervisory board members are: major Andre Lilleleht, captain Villu Õun, second
lieutenant Ivar Sibul.

Management board member is  lieutenant Mari Uuemaa.

mari.uuemaa @

+372  511 5248

Outstanding contributors

Major Heino Piirsalu

Photo: Teet Malsroos
The first and long-term chairman of the Fund, Major Heino Piirsalu, made the Estonian Defence Forces ceremonial sword project from an idea to reality. Mjr Piirsalu did extensive research on the pre-war era Estonian officer swords. Rules, regulations, pictures, etc. that were found in archives, museums and from collectors were used as reference to recreate the swords blueprints. In 2007, based on all of this material, book "Defence Forces Officer Sword" was published together with Mrs. Reet Naber.

The model of the first original pre World War II Estonian Army Officer Sword from Mr Piirsalus own collection was used as reference. Also in 2004-2005 together with the Estonian Defence Forces public announcement was made to find surviving swords of the Republic of Estonia before World War II. Some originals were found and bought from antiques and collector.

Based on what was collected, the first design of the Army Officer Sword was made. Mjr Piirsalu personally visited the WKC sword factory in Germany to clarify the last details with the craftsmen there, and in the autumn of 2006 the first restored Army Officer Sword was presented. Later mjr Piirsalu also helped on the restoration of Navy Officer Sword and Air Force Officer Dagger.